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3D VIRTUAL REALITY THERAPY  This modality offers evidenced-based exposure therapy for treatment of phobias such as fear of flying, fear of heights and fear of public speaking, through advanced technology using a computer-generated three-dimensional virtual world.

BIOFEEDBACK ​With the use of biofeedback, Dr. Paniagua and her team help clients understand how their mind and physical body react to life situations, stressors and relational dynamics, which are oftentimes outside of one's awareness. By becoming aware of this process and learning how to control and mediate the mind and the body, clients are able to significantly reduce symptoms and are better equipped to cope with anxiety, trauma, and physical complaints related to stress and pain.

QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography)

QEEG is the measurement and analysis of brainwaves or electrical cortical activity to assess brain function to determine dysfunction and monitor brain function improvement . A comprehensive QEEG report provides brain mapping (color maps of brain functioning), which facilitates diagnostic assessment and monitoring of changes from interventions such as neurofeedback, therapy, lifestyle changes, and other treatments your medical health care provider might provide such as medication and nutritional therapy.


This is a comprehensive evaluation of one's brain with use of standardized tests measuring cognitive functioning. This evaluation provides valuable information as adjunct to medical examinations. Neuropsychological evaluations can clarify strengths and weaknesses of neurocognitive ability, assist with localization of organic brain abnormalities if present, and clarification and/or confirmation of a diagnosis. Findings from these evaluations also help in understanding disease progress over time, effectiveness of treatments, cognitive performance and improvement, as well as guide treatment recommendations.


Neurofeedback training also known as EEG (brain wave) Biofeedback training is utilized to improve brain function and reduce negative symptoms such as insomnia, depression, headaches, anxiety, attention problems, issues with focus and learning problems. It is also a helpful tool in learning mindfulness and meditation, which have been proven to help in treatment of anxiety, phobias and traumatic stress disorders.